Sunday, 14 March 2010

Firebrand Nedved

After the Welling match I stayed in the area to visit some of Mrs Nedveds's relatives in Kent. On the way back home on the train the next day I decided to try and write a letter to the Bath Chronicle to encourage more Bathonians to turn out to City matches.

I was feeling pretty pumped up after the Welling victory. I was feeling really pumped up, actually. And, deep down, I've always secretly regretted the fact that I'm unlikely to ever start a revolution. Perhaps it came out just a bit over-the-top.

The Chronicle did print it a week later than I had intended, but they did make it the week's main letter. They also took the opportunity to reprint a photo of Eric Cantona wearing a City scarf from his visit to Twerton Park last July. Underneath the photo was the caption, 'If it's good enough for Eric...:our writers below urge local people to get behind Bath City Football Club.' It was signed by myself and two other members of 'the Legion' (it may represent the thoughts of many more of us, but there wasn't time to get more people's consent).

Here is the letter in full:

Citizens of Bath, there is greatness among us!

A group of men, heroes to many, are on the verge of triumph. And you have the opportunity, and the privilege, to cheer them on.

We speak not of the pampered prima donnas, who prance across our wide-screened tellies, but of real flesh and blood men.

Men who work and toil through a five-day week as we ordinary people do, and yet find the will to trample the muddy playing fields of southern England, week in and week out, in search of their meagre portion of glory.

We tell you, despite all the obstacles and hardships they have faced, they are succeeding.

We speak, of course, of the players and coaches of Bath City Football Club. Racked by injury, and shorn of the budget their competitors enjoy, they nevertheless are playing with a drive and determination that is inspirational to behold.

The recent victory over Welling United brought them, for the first time this campaign, to a play-off position and with only four home matches of this glorious season left they need all the support they can get.

Last Saturday, the battle continued at Twerton Park with a key victory against fellow play-off contenders Thurrock. Our next vital home game is against fellow promotion chasers Braintree on Saturday, March 20. Come and join us and cheer the city boys to victory!

They are YOUR team. They play for YOUR city.

Join us as we celebrate their success!

So, if you are reading this, and you live somewhere in the West Country, get down to Twerton Park this Saturday for City's match against Braintree Town. We need you there!

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